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FOUND DROWNED is a instrumental surf style band from Bloomington IN played by two Texans and an Englishman. We follow DIY ethics and don't eat meat. You'll love us. Trust me.

1/5/18: Hey look! A new year and a new post. We are playing a very stacked surf show next Saturday.

6/26/17: No shows for a minute. Gary broke his finger. And has also changed his last name to Whipdale

5/25/17: is having a nervous breakdown right now and won't let me post a picture in the blank spot to the left. Anywho, we are playing a show on June 15th with ANYBODY BUT THE COPS and Gary makes chocolate. Cool huh? 

2/12/17: Oh hello, we have a 7" and we are playing a show in March. But that 7" and go to that show. -Rick

11/27/16: After over a year after recording it, we are finally releasing our seven song 7", FDR. It sounds great and has beautiful cover art by Michael Barton. Come to our record release show! -Rick

10/19/16: We are playing this show. Cool huh?

10/09/16: Tour is over and we strangely did really well. Except for when I booked a show for the wrong day and we showed up a day early. Thanks to everybody that booked our shows, came to our shows and played our shows. Not sure what we are doing now. -Rick

8/23/16: This is what the 7" looks like. It will be available through us and Reality Is a Cult records some time in November. Cool huh. Still booking tour. We are getting more SPOOKY SOUNDS tapes and we are officially releasing MAKES A LOVELY CUP OF TEA on cassette. We will have though on tour. 

8/6/16: So Found Drowned is going on tour at the end of September. Sadly, our 7" FDR will not be back from the pressing plant before we go. So we will have to figure something out. Check out our dates on the SHOWS PAGE

11/4/15: We had a lackluster release show but the SPOOKY SOUNDS TAPE is out now! You can order it through More Power Tapes. If you live in Bloomington you can pick one up from TD's Records. Hope you dig it! -Rick

10/19/15: Found Drowned - Spooky Sounds will be a 6 song Halloween themed "EP" cassette. The A Side will feature just the songs and the B Side will have the songs mixed in with horrifying sound effects. And a little bit of bonus stuff. The only way to hear the B Side is by actually buying the cassette. We are having a tape release show at the Root Cellar on Tuesday October 27th.  -Rick

10/4/15: Found Drowned recorded yesterday! We managed to do 12.5 songs in 12 hours! Five of those songs will be on a Halloween themed tape called Spooky Sounds. More Power Tapes is putting that out. We also recorded for a 7" and we have no idea if we should get somebody else to put it out or sell all of our stuff and put it out ourselves. -Rick

08/03/15: We are playing a show with another Texas band. Seems to be a trend. -Rick

7/13/15: Look to the left! We have merchandise! Those pins are inspired by a video game we collectively love and hate. 

 We played our first show in Chicago a couple of weeks ago with our pals Shitty Weekend. We showed up right before the show started and we had to drive back before the show was totally over. We survived the drive with support from Weird Al and deep dish pizza.  Thanks to the folks who set up and played that show. Special thanks to the folks that came and gave us way too much money for pins. -Rick

06/09/14: We  have some shows coming up. Check out the shows page. We are playing our first out of town show in Chicago on June 24th! 


We haven't played any shows in a very long time. Everybody besides me are in other bands. I guess all we need to do is initiate a practice. But since we haven't updated in a long time I felt it was necessary to post a picture of Gary getting a perm. 


4/13/14: We are playing this show on Tuesday. 

We are playing with MAY DAY from NY on March 6th. Miles made this flier. 

 02/09/14: Look! We made cassettes of our demo! Sadly, we only made 40 of them. I believe that most of them will be passed around by Gary while he's on tour with Tooth Soup. We may have some more laying around when he get's back. 

 It's the same five songs that are on the demo you can download to the left. Except for the cassette has a top secret message at the end. Sorry about the shitty photo -Rick

10/28/13: On a whim I decided to put together a 13 song playlist of Halloween related surf songs by various bands. Shout out to my boy Ryan from the Boogie Nazi for song suggestions. And thanks to Michael for the color recommendations - Rick 


9/15/13: GO TO THIS SHOW! 

We are also planning on having a Halloween themed show. Where we don't play covers, we just play spooky originals. We should have a spooky sounds cassette as well - Rick

8/8/13: Check out this cool flier Madeline made for the next show we are playing. -Rick

7/10/13: Here's an attempt for me to update this website more. But really, who looks at websites anymore?

5/23/13: After much frustration dealing with various free webhosts we finally have something of a website. Feel free to check out or to see the other failures.  Download that demo. -Rick